We Are Happy You're Here

To book a session you purchase a pass from our homepage, or through the Mindbody app, if you already have it on your phone.  If you would prefer to book on the phone or by email, please call us on 732.366.9600 or email concierge@thebreathingrooms.com.


What Should I Wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in.  You can come in your sweats or work clothes or going-out clothes.  You just kick off your shoes if it's the Himalayan Salt Room, the other rooms are completely private so we recommend the less you wear the better (Sauna and Float Rooms).  We have towels in all the rooms, which most people wear as they slip from room to room.  If you would like a robe, just ask.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Nope.  The less you bring the better.  We don't have lockers to encourage you to leave non-essentials in your car and just chill out.  Of course you can bring your phone, but maybe you can leave that in your car too and just unwind.   It's easier than you think once you are here and breathing in the Salt Rooms, Sauna or Float Tank.  We don't mind answering the phone if your babysitter needs to reach you in an emergency.  We don't mind telling your colleagues you're unavailable either - so give them our number -



Will I have the room all to myself/my party?


What is this going to do for me?

Our homepage explains the common benefits.  Each of the therapies are subjective in what they will do for you in particular.  And often you will get slightly different results because you are always in a different place when you arrive.  We've been using our services frequently for years and we always feel like we get what we need (just enjoy feeling relaxed, fall asleep, meditate, read, etc as the rooms do their work) - what you need, you tend to get, as your body gets into a relaxed state in response to the rooms' healing functions.