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Transformational Breath Workshop

Darryn Silver & Kirk Murdoch combine their Transformational Breath Workshop with the healing affects of the Himalayan Salt Room.  This 2 Hour Workshop is designed to:

Open and clear restricted breathing patterns and aid in general well-being.


Clear the subconscious mind.


Allow easier accessibility to the higher dimensions and our spirituality.

We've bundled this class with a complementary Himalayan Salt Room or Infrared Sauna, to be used at a later time.  Price $95.

Next Workshop on Wednesday Dec 11th at 6.30pm.

Click on link to left, email:

concierge@thebreathingrooms.com or call 732-366-9600 to book.

Treat a friend to The Total Reset (valued at $165) for $139 - and get  a free Himalayan Salt Room or Sauna, or 25% back in Breathing Rooms Dollars to spend on yourself. 


A Total Reset is your choice of Salt Room to reset your respiratory system and activate your rest and digest functions.  This is followed by a 30 minute Infrared Sauna to detox your skin, increase your white blood cell count and open your pores for part 3, which is a 60 minute Float in our Open Tank Floatation Room, where you will soak up 1,250 lbs of Epsom Salt while giving your senses a complete break. 

Introduction to The Breathing Rooms

Ready to try something new to improve your quality of life?  This pass allows you to enjoy 45 minutes healing and opening your respiratory system in our Himalayan Salt Room, before spending one hour in our custom designed

Open-Tank Floatation Room. 


This introductory experience to these effective ways to reset & heal is $99 (Normally $135).


Make it a monthly commitment by becoming a member and we'll keep it at that price as long as you want.

Couples can visit the Himalayan Salt Room and share The Float Room experience together for $159 (normal price: $209).

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