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Everything we do is about increasing your health.  So, at times like this we know you need our services even more.  


Firstly, if you think you are sick, follow CDC Guidelines, stay home and get the medical help you need.  


If you are visiting us we want you to know we're already on top of disinfecting our rooms, common areas and all surfaces carefully between each user.  It's just what we do.


Salt is antibacterial so being around it and breathing it, cleans and boosts your Respiratory System.  Our Infrared Sauna increases your White Blood Cell Count. Our Float Room gives you a much needed physical and sensory rest that is proven to aid with sleep, stress and anxiety.*


We want you to know when you are here getting healthy, we're doing our part to keep everything clean and bacteria-free for you.  Just like normal.


Stay Healthy and see you soon to Reset Your Self!™ 


 Mark, Tara, Kirk & Melissa

*Above information relies upon information provided the World Halotherapy Association,  Jaccuzzi Clearlight Infrared Sauna and LIBR