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The Breathing Rooms is a family-owned business. 


Like so many hard working New Jersians , we found stress to be an negative component of our lives.  We both began floating regularly in 2016 and found it had a transformational effect on our energy, sleep and quality of life. Once we started using Himalayan Salt Therapy in 2018, we were amazed by how our overall health and sense of calmness improved.  And when we experienced the deep benefits from Infrared Sauna use, we realized how powerful it would be to have all 3 therapies together under one roof.  They all activate our bodies' self-healing systems and complement each other to make each therapy work better than doing it on its own.


We spent 18 months researching and sourcing the best providers of these services around the world, and built The Breathing Rooms for you in 2019.  


We look forward to seeing you and helping you Reset Your Self™ .

Mark & Tara Cunningham

678 Broad St, Shrewsbury, NJ   07702 | 732.366.9600  | 

 Reset Your Self™ The Total Reset™ and The Breathing Rooms ™ are registered trade marks of The Breathing Rooms Corporation.

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