Use The Breathing Rooms Your way.  
Memberships are designed for you to save 30%-50% on our standard prices, while making a commitment to your health and wellbeing, They can be activated with no fee and can be combined to suit your needs.  Memberships can be shared with a family member or friend, and you may cancel without fees at any time.  Simple.
Join below through Mindbody or call us on 732-366-9600 /, and we will sign you up.
The Salt & Heat Membership

We know you love to combine our services and that using them often prolongs the health and rest benefits you experience. With this membership you can use all your passes in your favorite room, or combine them as you wish each time you visit to Reset Your Self.  Passes work for the Himalyan Salt Room,  Private Salt Room and Infrared Sauna Room.


Salt & Heat Membership 

Two Visits a month: $69 

Retail Value: $98

Salt & Heat Plus Membership 

Four Visits a month: $99 

Retail Value: $196

The Float Room Membership

Floating frequently is the best way to extend and enhance its physical and mental benefits.  We started to plan The Breathing Rooms because of how much our quality of life improved though frequent floating.  We also know it's why pro athletes put float rooms in their homes and the Navy and Air Force put them on bases for their pilots.  We want our memberships to be an affordable way to make floating part of your life.  Float Room Members may also extend to 90 Minute Floats at no extra charge.

Float Room Membership for One

One Visit a month: $69 

Non-Member Price: $85

Two Visits a month: $99 

Non-Member Price: $170

Float Room Membership for Two

One Visit a month: $99 

Non-Member Price: $129

Two Visits a month: $159

Non-Member Price: $258

Float Room Enhanced Membership

The Float Room plus Salt Room or Sauna.

One Visit a month: $99 

Non-Member Price: $129

Two Visits a month: $159

Non-Member Price: $258

The Total Reset Membership

A Total Reset uses each of our therapies to reset you in an extremely pleasant and deep way.  It's our most popular bundle as it's best of The Breathing Rooms rolled into one package of restorative bliss.  If you are serious about taking care of your body and mind on a regular basis, this is the one for you.

(1) Your choice of 25 Minutes in our Private Salt Booth or 45 Minutes in our Himalayan Salt Room, healing and detoxifying your respiratory system.

(2) A 45 Minute Infrared Sauna.

(3) A 60 Minute Float in our Open-Tank Floatation Room.


The Total Reset Membership for One

$119 a month

$183 value when individually priced / $149 in  non-member bundle

The Total Reset Membership for Two

$199 a month

$366 value when individually priced / $259 in  non-member bundle

The Unlimited Membership

We all have those months when we just want to get ourselves back to feeling like ourselves.  The Unlimited Membership gives you access to unlimited Restorative Wellness to get you back to you and keep you there.  Use any of our services whenever you want, as often as you want.  How awesome is that?


Membership Price - $399 a month

Fair use terms apply. As passes are  unlimited they can not be shared. Over 20 Salt Room, 20 Infrared Sauna and 10 Float Rooms sessions each month may result in an Unlimited Membership being withdrawn.

Monthly memberships are a commitment you make your health and will renew each month until you decide not to use them any more.  We reserve the right to amend or cancel monthly membership programs with one month's advance notice to our members. Memberships are purchased with 12 month guarantee of no price increase for the membership package chosen.

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