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Wellness is never one and done.  It's a practice.  We developed Club Breathing Rooms for patrons who want to have feeling of a regular Breathing Rooms session in their lives.  And there's up to 44% savings on our standard prices, so you can "Reset Your Self" frequently without breaking the bank. There is no joining fee and our pricing is fair and clear, without any "first one" offers before you get upsold an expensive package. We treat you like we want to be treated.

So how does it work?  You pre-buy your passes for the room(s) you want, and save up to 44%,  For example, a normal Infrared Sauna costs $59, but our Wellness Plan members pay $33 per use.  That's is. There is no joining fee and memberships are sharable with family and friends, so you can bring people you care about to reset together. And if you need anything additional to what comes in your package, it is always at 50% off. It's not an annual commitment but we ask for a 90 day commitment at the start. You can get this substantial discount from your first visit, even if you have paid full price, we will refund you the difference if you'd like to join the club - just ask.

 Find all of our money saving memberships here:  

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