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Prices & Booking

Intro Offer - One Hour Float      $69

For your first float in our unique Open-Tank Float Room.


Most centers use Pods but our Open Tank Experience means no claustrophobia and is why scientists use Open Tanks whens studying how Floating affects the body and mind.

One Hour Float                       $85

5 minutes orientation, 5 minutes to shower and an hour in the tank to release you from your day in the most unique way.

Intro to Floating Triple Use   $199

Your first float is great, your second is better and by the third one you will feel like a pro.  This 22% discount helps to feel the benefits as you find your own way to float.

The Float Room for Two        $129

This is ideal for couples, parents & children, and close friends to experience a freeing and healing time in the Float Room together.

The Float Room

30 Minute Session     $39

45 Minute Session     $49

10 Pack 30 Minutes   $269

10 Pack 45 Minutes   $369



30 Minute Session     $69 (Two People)

45 Minute Session     $79  (Two People)

Some people like to heat their muscles, increase their heart rate and burn fat for longer.  Add $1 a minute and book it for as long as you feel your body needs.

The Infrared Sauna

45 Minute Session       $49

624 Antibacterial, Anti-Inflammatory Healing Breaths - and the nap is free.


5 Session Bundle          $189

(One Session Free)

If you feel better after one session, you may find that chronic symptoms are alleviated further by a number of Himalayan Salt Room sessions close together.  This package allows you to get one session for free.

Group Booking for up to 8 People     $299

Save 24% per person. Can be refunded and charged individually to your group at check in, if required.

The Himalyan Salt Room

We want you to be able to make a promise to yourself to use The Breathing Rooms as often as possible.  Full details on our membership page.



25 Minute Session (Single)      $49

Faster when you don't have time to lounge in the Himalayan Salt Room.  You also can remove your clothes and get the salt on your skin.

25 Minute Session (Shared)    $69

Additional Time $1 per minute


The Private Salt Room

1. Breathe in our Himalayan Salt Room or Private Salt Booth

2. Your choice of 30 or 45 Minute Infrared Sauna.

3. Open-Tank Float for 60 Minutes.

2 1/2 Hours later your respiratory system and your mind will be reset, your circulatory system will be boosted, your skin will be revitalized and you will be you again.

Menu Price       $183

Bundle Price     $149


The Total Reset for Two  $259

The Total Reset