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Services We Offer



Dry Salt Therapy has been medically recognized in Europe for over 50 years, for the treatment of breathing and skin problems, according to the World Halotherapy Association.  As we take 20,000 breaths each day*, we inhale all sorts of chemicals and allergens and our respiratory system has to work hard to prevent these particles from making us unhealthy.


Spending 45 minutes (or 624 breaths), chilling out in our Himalayan Salt Room or Private Salt Room, allows your system to boost itself in a completely natural, safe and drug-free way. Pure salt is a natural anti-bacterialanti-inflammatory and anti-fungal substance It stimulates your internal processes for cleansing the respiratory tract and strengthening your lung function. Everyone breathes, so everyone can benefit, whether you are a child, an athlete or an octogenarian.​

The Himalayan Salt Room we built for you is made of 2,112 Salt Bricks and 6,700 lbs of crushed salt pebbles, imported from from a pristine mine in the Himalayan mountains.  As you breathe our specialized system releases extremely finely ground particles of pharmaceutical grade pure salt, which lines your Respiratory System.   As we have the largest Himalayan Salt Room we know of anywhere, we will be offering classes, arts and music events and other gatherings in here too.

Our Private Salt Room (left) works in the same way, is a little faster at 25 minutes, and allows you to remove your clothes if you wish to get the salt on your skin in addition to your respiratory system.

​​*According to the Scientific American.  You breathe even more if you exercise.​​  


From the moment your slip into the beautiful custom-designed open flotation tank, to when you emerge an hour later, you check yourself out of the world.  Suspended in 1,250 lbs of Epsom Salt and triple-filtered water, heated to your body's temperature, you will  relax in a unique and deep way.  It soaks your muscles. It frees your body from gravity and your mind from the outside world.  And it lets you just chill out completely.

Our Open-Tank Float Room is what it sounds like, so no feeling confined that may put some people off floating.​


We love floating and we love floaters.  Everyone who floats know the secret;  your body relaxes, your mind wanders, you enter a dream-like state between sleep and awake (scientists call this the "Theta State"), as your brain waves get longer.  Your sleep after floating gets deeper.  Your senses get stronger.  Your creativity awakens. The more often you do it, the better it gets.

In addition to bringing about a a general sense of well being, floating is now being measured in the treatment of serious conditions like PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Stress - read some of the latest research here,  as reported on by TIME Magazine. Major league athletes, musicians, artists, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Air Force Pilots, long-distance runners and pro athletes are just some examples of people who use floating to improve performance through deep physical and mental rest. We are none of those things and we love it too...

“The open-air design completely removes all feelings of claustrophobia. I cannot overemphasize the importance of having an open pool.”

— Dr. Justin Feinstien (LIBR)*



Infrared Saunas heats you from deep within your body, and not the air around you, as in a traditional sauna. This makes it a more comfortable experience as it is easier to breathe.

Use of an Infrared Sauna can contribute to your well-being by loosening up stiff or tight muscles, reducing joint pain, detoxing elements from deep in your skin, increasing your white blood count and circulation and boosting your immune system.   Our Sauna also features Color Light Therapy that can be set to your particular needs, while you are working up a sweat.


You can do it with a friend or on your own, giving you some much needed time to yourself.


The Breathing Rooms will be hosting holistic therapy, music and arts events throughout the year, allowing you to meet new people in our community while getting healthy.