What To Wear


When you get to The Breathing Rooms, we want you to just kick off your shoes, breathe and relax.

If you are using the Himalayan or Private Salt Rooms, just wear what you want, pull a nice soft blanket over you and breathe the salty air.  (more about how it all works here).










If you are using The Float Room, you shower beforehand, float in your birthday suit (salt can get right into swimwear and you're better off being naked), and then shower off the salt when you get out.  It's all in the same room.  

We take great care to keep the Epsom Salt Solution and the room itself completely sterile.  

For our female customers if it's that time of the month, if you're comfortable in a swimming pool normally, same applies here.

If you are doing The Total Reset (our favorite! -Dry Salt Therapy Room of your choice, followed by an Infrared Sauna session, then a 60 Minute Float), we provide a robe as you transition from the Infrared Sauna Room to the Float Room.  

If you are using the Infrared Sauna without the Float Room after, it's best to wear your gym clothes as your system will keep responding for 20-30 minutes after the session, and you can shower at home.

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