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The Breathing Rooms is a Wellness Spa with a difference. Our Salt Rooms, Infrared Sauna and Open-Tank Float rooms are private to you/your party, and are designed to improve your health, allowing you to relax and heal your body in several innovative and effective ways.  We built it for you to replenish your strength, your resolve, your focus. Effortlessly.

You work at the gym. You work at yoga and at your therapist and at, you know, work...  At the Breathing Rooms, our therapies activate your body's healing rest switch and do all the work for you. All you have to do is kick off your shoes, relax and breathe.  Come and see...

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We're Upside Down
With Excitement

This summer we are adding to our exising Private HImalayan Salt Room, Open Tank Float and Infrared Sauna Rooms by building America's largest Himalayan Salt Room for you. Inside this amazing space you will have a custom Himalayan Mineral Bath, Cold Plunge Pool, Infrared Saunas, an Intensive Salt Booth, a Red Light Therapy Room, and Hammocks and chill out spaces - all for you to relax and Reset Your Self.

This section will be open in late September.  We can't wait! Daily entry will allow you to avail of each service and will cost $139. 

The Himalayan Salt Room

4 Women relaxing in The Breathing Rooms Himalayan Salt Room

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Enjoy NJ's largest Himalayan Salt Therapy room.


Your breathing is your connection between your mind and body. In addition to having a gentle but very noticable, stress-reducing effect on your body, the World Halotherapy Association sees Dry Salt Therapy as a compliment to conventional medical treatments for all type of lung conditions (Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Hay Fever, Emphysema, Pneumonia, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Smoker’s Cough, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Ear infections, Laryngitis, Sore throat, and Tonsillitis).

Price: $49 for a 45 Minute Session.   Members come as often as they like for as little as $33 per session.   Book Here.

The Infrared Sauna Room


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Loosen up stiff or tight muscles, reducing joint pain, detox elements from deep in your skin, increase your white blood cell count and circulation and boost your immune system.  


Our two person Jacuzzi Clearlight Infrared Sauna also features Color Light Therapy that can be set to your particular needs, while you are working up a sweat. 

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Prices: $59 for a 45 Min Session, $89 for Two.   Members come as often as they like for as little as $33 per session.

The Open-Tank Float Room

Blue box stating "Floating 'a substantial improvement in mood characterized by increases in serenity, relaxation, happiness, overall well-being, energy levels, and felling refreshed, content and peaceful." Reported effects of Floatation Therapy as recorded by Dr Justin S Feinstein LIBR Brain Research Institute, "Examining the short-term anxiolytic and antidepressant effect of Floatation-REST'"

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Just peace...  It's very hard to describe how relaxed and safe you feel when you are floating in our Open-Tank Float Room. From the moment you step out of our rainwater shower and into the beautiful custom-designed open floatation tank, you check yourself out of the world.  As you float in 1,300 lbs of Epsom Salt and triple-filtered water, heated to your skin temperature, you relax in a unique and deep way. You can do it on your own, or if you want someone to join you, our tank takes two.

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Prices: $95 for a 60 Min Session/ $139 for two. Members: $69 per 60 Min session and can extend sessions to 90 mins (frequent floaters often like longer sessions). The Float Room is the third part of our Total Reset Package. 

Children Float Therapy.jpg

The Salt Booth Room

Children Salt Therapy Halotherapy.jpg
Woman relaxing with eyes closed in The Breathing Room's private salt booth, wearing a grey robe and teal leggings. "Dry Salt Therapy has shown to provide symptomatic benefit for the respiratory tract....being proactive and taking care of your respiratory system is becoming more important than ever before". -Salt Therapy Association Director, Dr Daniel T. Layish, MD, a 20-year veteran pulmonologist and Board Certified in Pulmanary Disease. The Breathing Rooms logo
Dry Salt Therapy.png

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Our Salt Booth Room works in the same way as The Himalayan Salt Room, but is a little faster at 25 minutes.  We also add a small amount of baking soda and eucalyptus (Sanasal) to the pure salt solution here, as it is more suitable for acute issues that require more direct healing. 


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Price: $49 for a 45 Minute Session  $79 for Two    Members - as little as $33 per session.

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The Total Reset (for 1 or 2)


By far our most popular offering.

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Why do one thing, when you can relax, reset and rewind with everything?


This is the perfect spa day experience, lasting approximately 3 hours.  You'll start with your choice of The Himalayan Salt Room or Private Salt Room, to open and cleanse your respiratory system, followed by 45 minutes increasing your white blood cell count and sweating out toxins from deep down in our Infrared Sauna.  You will end your day with an hour float in our bespoke open-tank float pool, soaking up 1,250 lbs of Epsom Salt with little or no sensory stimulus.

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Prices:  $189 Spa Day for One, $375 Spa Day for Two and $139 a month for members.

The Breathing Rooms Takeover!

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couple himalayan salt room.jpg

The Breathing Rooms Takeover allows you to have the entire Breathing Rooms reserved exclusively for your group for 3 1/2 Hours.


The Takeover is the ultimate spa day for families and groups of friends to chill out and celebrate a special occasion. You can move between our healing rooms at will, with a concierge to explain how each service works and to ensure everything is ready for you as go.


Your group will start together in the Himalayan Salt Room before splitting up to use the Infrared Sauna, Open-Tank Float Room and Private Salt Booth Room.

Prices:  $189 per guest (3 Minimum, 6 Maximum).

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infrared sauna couple 1.jpg

Wellness is never one and done.  It's a practice.  We developed Club Breathing Rooms for patrons who want to save money, while extending the benefits they feel by coming once to several times a month.  And there's up to 44% savings on our standard prices, so you can "Reset Your Self" frequently without breaking the bank. There is no joining fee and our pricing is fair and clear, without any "first one" offers before you get upsold an expensive package. We treat you like we want to be treated.


So how does it work?  You pre-buy your passes for the room(s) you want, and save up to 44%,  For example, a normal Infrared Sauna costs $59, but our Wellness Plan members pay $33 per use.  That's is. There is no joining fee and memberships are sharable with family and friends, so you can bring people you care about to reset together. And if you need anything additional to what comes in your package, it is always at 50% off. It's not an annual commitment but we ask for a 90 day commitment at the start. You can get this substantial discount from your first visit, even if you have paid full price, we will refund you the difference if you'd like to join the club - just ask.

 Find all of our money saving memberships here:  

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Bilimama Photographer

Why We're Great >

Bilimama Photography.png

Wonderful atmosphere and staff. Mark and Tara really had done a terrific job at making the place beautiful, welcoming and beyond serene. We used their sauna and salt room and both experiences was just perfect.


We cannot wait to try the float room and to make our visits to The Breathing Rooms a regular part of our lives.

Julie Banasz

Why We're Great >

Julie Banasz.jpg

As a Holistic Nurse Health and Wellness Coach I believe in the power of alternative modalities like salt, floating, and infrared heat. I have looked for a place as unique as the breathing rooms for quite some time and was very happy when I found them.

My husband and I went and enjoyed the most amazing 45mins in the salt room. We came out refreshed and peaceful. Our experience was wonderful, Marc and Melissa (who's first day it was) were so knowledge and accommodating.

The facility is clean, smelled amazing and just had this vibe of serenity to it. This truly is a place of meditative spiritual health.

I cannot wait to go back and enjoy the breathing space the breathing rooms have to offer!!!!

Luxurious experience

Clayton Reynolds

Why We're Great >

Clayton Reynolds.png

Attending a session at The Breathings Rooms was one of the BEST investments I have ever made in my wellness journey. From the moment you walk in to their beautiful facility in Shrewsbury, Mark greets you with a smile and a cup of tea.


The decor is comfortable and modern, a balance I find many businesses can not do correctly. The Float room itself was crystal clean, and so relaxing. I have raved to all of my friends to come here.


If you are on the fence, BOOK IT!

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