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Welcome to The Breathing Rooms

Everyone deserves to experience a life of enhanced wellbeing.

We have curated several innovative spa experiences to activate your body's natural healing systems. They ease your mind - and effortlessly replace the burdens of overwork & stress with the joy of rest.

Book Now and find your time to check out and start to heal.

Our members receive a reduced price on every visit, or you can pay per individual visit. (Most people decide on membership/full price after their first experience).

Reset Your Self™ today and feel great tomorrow.

  • Restore Your Vitality

  • Find a Sense of Balance

  • Improve Health & Reduce Stress

A warmly lit interior room with Himalayan salt walls creates a soft glow. Two hammock chairs hang over crushed Himalayan salt.  A long, illuminated Himalayan salt bench runs along the middle of the room, contrasting with the dark wooden floor. The atmosphere is serene and inviting, evoking a sense of relaxation.

The Spa Club

Our Spa Club hosts and five complementary healing therapies, each designed to revitalize your body. And no time limit.

Infrared Sauna - to get restorative, detoxifying heat deeper into your body than any other type of sauna.

Mineral Bath - Soak up the 84 minerals in Himalayan Salt at 100 balmy degrees.

Cold Plunge - Quick visits to the plunge restores your body in a unique way. And it's so much easier to do beside our big Mineral Bath and Infrared Sauna.

Red Light Therapy - Head to Toe Red Light Therapy to heal your skin, muscles and fascia.

Intensive Dry Salt Therapy - Tiny particles of micronized salt, baking soda and eucalyptus heal and cleanse your respiratory system.

All of these therapies switch your body into rest mode. So we have a large Himalayan Nap Area for you to doze off as you decide which service to use next.

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Just you and all that micronized salt

The Private Himalayan Salt Room

Your breathing is the connection between your mind and body. In addition to having a gentle but very noticeable, stress-reducing effect on your body, the World Halo Therapy Association sees Dry Salt Therapy as...

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the perfect room for your health

The Private Infrared Sauna Room

Loosen up stiff or tight muscles, reducing joint pain, detox elements from deep in your skin, increase your white blood cell count, enhance circulation, and boost your immune system.  

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Woman relaxing and revitalizing in the Open tank float room

experience relaxation inside the

The Private Open-Tank Float Room

Just peace...  It's very hard to describe how relaxed and safe you feel when you are floating in our Open-Tank Float Room. From the moment you step out of our rainwater shower and...

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immersive meditation room

The Private Immersive Meditation Room

As your body succumbs to relaxation, your mind ventures into a realm of profound inner peace and clarity. Drawing from decades of therapeutic acoustic resonance technology, the Legato Lounge lets you truly resonate with vibrations that influence health, happiness, and overall wellbeing. Here, every note, every pulse....

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Membership Savings

Wellness is never one and done.  It's a practice.  We developed Our Memberships to be as fair as possible as the more you come, the more you save and the more perks you unlock. Members tell us they extend the benefits they feel by coming more often. There's no joining fee and up to 33% savings on our standard prices, so our memberships are a no brainer for those who use The Breathing Rooms as a resource for thier wellbeing.

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You can book for a single visit or become a member and come often. Members have no joining fee, they just pre-buy a minimum number of passes with built-in savings, depending on how they like to use The Breathing Rooms. The more you spend, the more you save.

If you book at the One Visit rate and would like to become a member on your visit, we will refund your full price and start your money-saving membership right then.

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What Should I Wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in.  You just kick off your shoes and put on a robe and your bathing suit when you get here for the Spa Club. Our Private Rooms are, well, private, so the robe/bathing suit is optional. For the Private Himalayan Salt Room you don't need to change out of your clothes. We're a bare foot facility but if you want to bring your own clean indoor flip flops/slippers that's fine with us.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Nope.  We have everything you need. Just get here and we'll take care of you. If you're come for the Spa Club or to Sauna or Float in our Private Rooms with a friend, bring your bathing suit. If its just you, you don't need one as they are, well, private.

Will I have the room all to myself/my party?

Our Private Rooms are always just you, or whomever you come with. Our Spa Club has a maximum of 5 people at any time - we promise it will never seem crowded. As there is more room we can take larger numbers for private parties, so get your gang together and host that gathering in a unique setting.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We ask for 48 Hours notice (72 Hours for a group booking), or you may not be able to change your appointment.  Inside that time we will accommodate changes up to the day before your appointment when we can. We know life gets crazy sometimes - that's why we're here! Our members always have the privilege of 3 hour appointment change window. For snow days or heavy weather we follow the local school district. If they close, we close and reschedule all appointments at no charge.

Are children welcome?

The Salt Rooms work for all ages and a special rate is applied at check out of $30 per child under 12.  (If you are making an online booking just use the Adult Rate for the adult(s) and leave a note saying you will be bringing children too). If it's a child under 1 who you are still carrying around, they are free. The Infrared Sauna, Float Room or Spa Club aren't suitable for smaller children but can work for older children in their mid-teens and upwards, once a parent is involved in the booking. If you do bring children please tell them ahead of time that grown ups are here relaxing so no freeze-tag in the reception area!!

Can you accommodate People with Disabilities?

Absolutely. Tara, our co-founder, is a national disability advocate, and advises businesses on the benefits of making workplaces accommodating for people with disabilities. We take pride in making our business as welcoming and useful to everyone as we can. We will make any possible accommodations for our clients with a physical or neurodiversity requirement.  Please just ask.  We are housed in a 1950's building but it is wheelchair accessible. Our new ADA Shower room will be complete by the end of 2023 and we do have other options in the meantime - please email or call for details.(concierge@thebreathingrooms.com/732-366-9600)

Are you open on weekends?

Of course! Most people have a little more time to reset themselves on the weekend, so we are here for you. We are here every day except Monday.