Nestled away in Shrewsbury,  close by to The Grove, we built The Breathing Rooms for you.


After researching the most effective therapies from all over the world, we selected ones that allow you to switch off your body and mind,  replenish your vitality and improve your quality of life.  Each of our rooms is unique in how it heals you, with one thing in common; they all stimulate the "Rest & Digest" functions within your nervous system.  

Although each therapy is deeply effective, they require no more effort than to show up, kick off your shoes for a little while - and breathe in our Salt Rooms, Infrared Sauna or Float Room.

We built it for everyone who knows we must rest and heal to be truly at our best. Call or email us for first-visit offers.

We are looking forward to reopening as soon as we can and operating in a completely contactless/ distanced way. 


Would you or someone you love like to celebrate the end of quarantine with a few hours cleansing her lungs in the Himalayan Salt Room, sweating out toxins in the Infrared Sauna and deeply relaxing in the 1,250 lbs of Epsom Salt in the Open-Tank Floatation Room? 


Every dollar you spend will be doubled and given to an essential worker in the month after we reopen. You can even tell us who you want to give it to. 

We're All In This Together


And we really miss you guys!


But we also know staying at home is the right thing for our families, our communities and our country. When this passes, we will be here for you to Reset Your Self™ and get you back to your best self.


Memberships and our Medical/Essential Workers:


All membership payments are suspended from April 1, until you can use The Breathing Rooms again.  


You can, however, continue/start accumulating discounted passes if you want, so they are there for you when we reopen.  Our members know coming often is the best way to prolong the benefits you feel, so if this sounds right for you, just email and say "Keep Me Active".  


Also, anyone who makes a purchase during this crisis (Membership Passes & Gift Cards) gets a Special Power!  Your purchase will be doubled and donated to a Medical Care or other Essential Worker* who went to work every day to keep us all safe.  You can nominate someone specific to Reset On You by email, or we will promote their availability to these brave workers when we reopen, until we run out.


Until then, be safe and we will see you on the flipside to Reset Your Self™ .


Mark, Tara, Kirk & Melissa


*Medical Workers, First Responders, Grocery Store Employees, Truck Drivers.

More about Covid-19 Protection.

Services We Offer


Take 45 minutes (or 624 breaths) to chill out in NJ's largest Salt Room and feel the difference it makes to your respiratory system and overall health right away.  Do it regularly and you will feel amazing!  


Let your body and mind float away in our private, open-tank floatation room. Triple-filtered water, heated to your body's temperature and infused with 1,250 pounds of pure Epsom Salt, allows you to feel relaxed and freed in a deep and unique way. You emerge an hour later, feeling like you've just found a relaxation switch you didn't know was there.

Our Salt Booth for two is ideal for parent and child sessions, couples or just two friends having a chat, while getting well.



Our Halo Booth provides the same healing opportunity as our Salt Room but in a private, 25 minute session.  This is ideal if you are looking to heal your skin as well as your respiratory system, as you will be in private.  It works well on your lunch break or a quick stop off during errands.  We can also personalize the amount of micronized salt to be used during your session and set it most effectively for your particular needs.  Our booth also features soothing light therapy settings which we will adjust to your preference.

Infrared Sauna.jpg


Our Clearlight Infrared Sauna heats you, not the air around you, making it more comfortable and more effective than traditional saunas.  It gets your heart going, makes you sweat out toxins from deep in your skin, burns fat and crucially, increases your white blood cell count - your body's front line healers.

Other benefits include increasing your Cardio and Metabolic Rate, Pain Relief, Skin Health, Weight Loss and Relaxation. It's best you use it before The Float Room, or last on your visit, as your system keeps responding even after you leave the Sauna, and you can shower at home.


 Time for Me

  •  6 Float Room Sessions Daily (every 90 minutes). 

  • 8 Himalayan Salt Room Sessions Daily (on the Hour). 

  • 16 Private Salt Room Session (every 30 Minutes)

  • 16 Infrared Sauna Sessions Daily (every 30 minutes)

Pull on a blanket and take a nap while you clear out your lungs, sinuses and throat with the natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory salt in The Himalayan Salt Room.  Follow it with the deep radiant heat in our Infrared Sauna. All the while detoxifying your skin, soothing aches and pains and increasing your white blood cell count. Hibernation for Me gets you both for $79, normally priced at $98.

 Group Bookings in The Himalayan Salt Room

The Himalayan Salt Room is available for private groups of  up to 8 People 


If you'd like everyone to pay individually just give us a call to hold your time on 732-366-9600 or​

Booking for any of our services is a breeze from your phone using the Mindbody App.
Or just give us a call on  732-366-9600
or email,
and we will book you right in. 


Our most popular bundle activates your body's rest and healing functions in three different ways, by using each of our Breathing Rooms' healing properties, on your own or with a friend.
1. You start with your choice of The Himalayan Salt Room for 45 Minutes or The Private Salt Booth for 25 Minutes, to cleanse your Respiratory System.
2. Then you'll spend 30-45 Minutes in our Infrared Sauna Room, detoxifying your skin deeply, increasing your white blood cell count and opening your pores for the maximum infusion of magnesium sulfate in the next step.
3. 60 Minutes in our custom designed Open-Tank Floatation Room allows you to let go, as you soak up Epsom Salts in an environment with no stimulus ("Open-Tank" means none of the claustrophobia that comes with floating in pods).  As your body soaks up the salts your mind calms into a meditative state, even if you've never meditated.  If you do meditate you will get into a deeper state more easily.  You'll emerge feeling like you've been on the best vacation. We know we do.

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Find Us

678 Broad Street, Shrewsbury, 
 Monmouth County, NJ 07702

We are at the intersection of Broad Street and Obre Place in Shewsbury - right after/just before The Grove at Shrewsbury you will see a large sign for Shadowbrook Event Center and we are in the mall next door/beside Shrewsbury Borough School.

Entrance/Parking at rear.

Phone: 732-366-9600


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Our friends from Nourish Coaches recorded a podcast about us in the Himalayan Salt Room

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