Spa Club

At The Breathing Room Spa Club, our therapies effortlessly do the work, offering a whole-body revitalization. Curate your personalized path to profound renewal. Just pick your entry time and stay for a minimum of two hours. At less busy times you are welcome to stay as long as you wish...

Our array of rejuvenating offerings beckons inside our extensive Himalayan Salt Room, the allure of soaking in our our mineral rich bath, the purifying embrace of our salt therapy booth, the deep warmth of our infrared sauna, the transformative glow of red light therapy and the the invigorating challenge of the cold plunge pool. As the therapies work you will probably find yourself in a hammock our Himalayan Nap Area. Dive as deep or as little as you wish, but always emerge revitalized.

For an extra level of healing self care, many clients add on a private Open-Tank Float Room and/or Immersive Meditation Rooms Session to their Spa Club visit.

Craft your journey, and let us be your sanctuary for seamless rejuvenation.

Oasis Mineral bath, plunge pool and infrared sauna

Spa Club Entry

The pricing for our SPA Club, ideal for those who want to have a full revitalizing experience between our rooms, is $150. Members pay $30 less on every visit by coming at least once a month. It's that simple!

  • America’s Largest Himalayan Salt Room
  • Himalyan Mineral Bath
  • Cold Plunge Pool
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Intensive Salt Therapy Booth
  • Red Light Therapy Room
  • Himalayan Salt Playgfound with Napping Hammocks & Beanbags
  • Healthy Refreshment Counter

Meet The Rooms

Private Himalayan Salt Room

America’s Largest Himalayan Salt Room

Stepping into America's grandest Himalayan salt room is an invitation to tranquility. With 2,000 lbs of pristine pink Himalayan salt beneath your feet and inviting hammocks to cradle you, the ambiance exudes both relaxation and luxury. As you immerse in this unique setting, not only do you experience tactile joy from the loose salt, but you also breathe in its therapeutic air. This promotes enhanced respiratory health, detoxifies the body, and provides potential skin benefits. Beyond its physical merits, the room serves as a haven to melt away life's stresses, rejuvenate the spirit, and rebalance oneself in a sanctuary of peace and well-being

Group enjoying the Mineral Bath Room

Mineral Bath

Immersing oneself in a salt mineral bath is akin to partaking in nature's most opulent embrace. As the body descends into the warm, mineral-rich waters, the transformative properties of salt begin their healing dance. The skin, our protective barrier, reaps immediate rewards as the salt acts as a natural exfoliant, sloughing away impurities and revealing radiant, supple skin. Deep within, the potent minerals penetrate, alleviating muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Beyond the tangible, the bath lures the mind into a tranquil reverie, dispelling stresses and rejuvenating one's emotional core. It's not merely a bath, but a holistic ritual — an elixir for body, mind, and soul.

Woman refreshing and relaxing in the cold plunge pool

Cold Plunge Pool

Stepping into the invigorating embrace of a cold plunge pool is both a challenge and a gift to oneself. As the chilly waters envelop the body, an immediate vitality awakens the senses. This bracing immersion serves as a tonic for the circulatory system, stimulating blood flow and invigorating every cell. Muscles, post-exertion or strain, find relief as inflammation is curtailed and recovery hastened. Metabolism gets a brisk nudge, subtly burning calories and revitalizing internal systems. But beyond the physical, the plunge beckons a mental fortitude, harnessing clarity of thought and renewed focus. A dip into this icy sanctuary is a bold embrace of rejuvenation, resilience, and profound well-being.

A woman enjoying Salt Booth Therapy

Salt Therapy Booth

Entering the embrace of a halogenerator salt booth is akin to embarking on a purifying sojourn where the air itself seeks to heal. This haven harnesses the ancient power of salt, dispersing its micronized particles into the atmosphere through the meticulous workings of the halogenerator. As one breathes deeply, these therapeutic particles journey into the respiratory system, offering a gentle cleanse and aiding in the alleviation of conditions such as asthma, allergies, and bronchitis. The skin, too, feels the gentle kiss of salt, finding solace from irritations and benefiting from enhanced clarity and health. This booth is more than a chamber; it's a sanctuary of holistic healing, nurturing both external radiance and inner harmony.

Friends enjoying the breathing rooms infrared sauna

Infrared Sauna

Embarking upon a session in an infrared sauna is like stepping into a cocoon of radiant warmth, where the healing energy of infrared light penetrates deep into the very fabric of one's being. Unlike traditional saunas, its gentle warmth delves beneath the surface, directly nourishing muscles, joints, and tissues. This deep-seated heat accelerates circulation, stimulating cellular detoxification and expelling toxins through perspiration. The gentle infrared waves also aim to ease muscle tension, mitigate pain, and foster a radiant complexion. Beyond the tangible, there's an ethereal tranquility to be found within its embrace—where the mind is lulled into a state of deep relaxation, and the spirit emerges rejuvenated. The infrared sauna is not just a haven of warmth; it's a sanctuary for holistic well-being and profound renewal.

Couple refreshing in the red light therapy room

Red Light Therapy Room

Stepping into a red light therapy room is akin to immersing oneself in the very essence of life's restorative glow. The room bathes its occupants in a luminous embrace of red wavelengths, a light that holds the promise of cellular renaissance. As this therapeutic light gently permeates the skin, it stimulates collagen production, revitalizing the skin's elasticity and reducing signs of aging. Beneath the surface, the light's energy assists in reducing inflammation, promoting faster healing, and enhancing overall cellular function. On a deeper level, the room becomes a space of solace, where the serenity of red light harmonizes both mental and emotional well-being. A session in this radiant chamber is not just a treatment; it's a journey of rejuvenation, illuminating one's path to holistic vitality.