December Gift Cards

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A couple in the infrared sauna, hanging out on hammocks, and using the immersive meditation suite

December Deal

Total Reset for Two, with added Immersive Meditation Room

Begin the Total Reset in our Private Himalayan Salt Room, where micronrized healing salt particles open and purify your respiratory system.

Next, step into the Infrared Sauna for deep heat therapy to detoxify your skin, boost white blood cells, and reduce inflammation.

The journey continues with an hour-long float in our serene Open-Tank Float Room, immersing you in 1,300 lbs of Epsom Salt for minimal sensory input.

Plus, with this Holiday Gift Card, enjoy an added visit to our Immersive Meditation Room, where you feel the meditation and the music vibrate through your body.

A $100 in extra value, for complete mind and body rejuvenation.

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December Deal

The Total Reset for One with Immersive Meditation Room

Gift personal rejuvenation journey hat lasts over 4 1/2 hours with our Total Reset package.

They will start in the Private Himalayan Salt Room, where the healing salt atmosphere will cleanse and refresh their respiratory system.

Continue to our Infrared Sauna, where deep, therapeutic heat detoxifies your skin, enhances the immune system, and soothes inflammation.

The experience culminates with a tranquil, one-hour float in our Open-Tank Float Room, cradling you in 1,300 lbs of Epsom Salt for a deeply calming effect.

This exclusive Holiday Gift Card also grants a solo visit to our Immersive Meditation Room, adding $60 worth of serene self-reflection to your reset.

The Holiday Special Total Reset for One Gift Card is $190.

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Two women walking with robes into the Himalayan Salt Room at The Spa Club

December Deals

The Spa Club with Immersive Meditation Suite

Discover unparalleled relaxation with our amazing Spa Club, featuring a Himalayan Mineral Bath, Cold Plunge Pool, Infrared Sauna, Intensive Salt Booth, and Red Light Therapy.

Unwind in hammocks and serene chill-out areas, all designed to help you to Reset Your Self, as all the healing therapies get to work on your body and mind.

Enhance your experience with this Holiday Gift Card, which includes an exclusive visit to our Immersive Meditation Room for added tranquility.

$150 which includes the Immersive Meditation Suite ($60 savings).

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